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K’s 4 Aussie Farmers is a fundraising event that aims to raise $150,000 to purchase three 4WD vehicles. The vehicles will enable representatives from charitable organisation Aussie Helpers reach the many desolate farmers who need feed for their stock, and food for their families.

For three days in August, the Aussie Helpers rode 260km through Dalby, Tara, Miles and Chinchilla, raising funds for this great cause. They have just returned home, having raised $140,000; however they are just short off their target and are now imploring Australians to get behind them. With 80 per cent of Queensland now in a drought considered by many to be the worst the state has seen in 120 years, it is time to reach out to offer assistance to Aussie farmers.

Helen Debenham from K’s4 Aussie Farmers said every little donation helps. “Many Australian farmers are isolated, and the support offered by Aussie Helpers can be the lifeline they need to keep going,” Ms Debenham said. The vehicles will enable volunteers to cover the thousands of kilometers between them and remote farmers.

To offer much needed and welcome support, donate here.

Words by Catherine Sherwood
Image by K’s 4 Aussie Farmers Facebook