Local lawyer Adele Anthony, owner and founder of Your Legacy Lawyer, has been nominated for the Australasian Law Awards in the categories of Boutique Firm of the Year and Law Firm Leader of the Year.

Specialising in wills and estate planning, Ms Anthony is on a mission to encourage people of all ages to prioritise safeguarding their families’ assets prior to death. “It is a privilege to be nominated by my clients and peers for these awards,” Ms Anthony said. “I aim to make having an estate plan affordable, accessible and the process simple, so the reasons for not having a will are no longer there.

“I visit my clients where they want to be visited – I have little overheads so I’m able to make my services fixed-fee. I also offer evening and weekend appointments to make it easier for my clients. I take my clients step by step through the process without the use of legal jargon.”

With nearly 40 years experience in law and business, Ms Anthony has found that the root of most people not making wills is that people find it an uncomfortable process, and she aims to remove the stress entirely from her clients. “Without an estate plan, people have no say as to the distribution of their estate after their death or who takes control of managing their affairs,” Ms Anthony said.

“Dying without a will means that the distribution of their estate will be made to their relatives using a legal formula which may not be what they would have wanted. Making a will ensures that their estate is dealt with in accordance with their wishes, someone they trust carries out their wishes, their family knows what they want, their loved ones can finalise their affairs without the need for costly processes.”

With a holistic approach to business and law, nearly 40 years of experience and an award-winning resume, Ms Anthony is looking forward to the awards. “I am just excited to continue offering affordable and convenient legal services to the Toowoomba region – anything above that is a bonus,” Ms Anthony said.

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