SCOTS PGC College Captains for 2019 are Emily Rhodes and Samuel Proudlove. So far this year, their journey to lead the College has been rewarding.

Both Emily and Sam say a key reason for nominating for the role of School Captain was to have the opportunity to give back to the College and dedicate their time to ensuring that students made the most of the opportunities the school provides. Both students have admired and respected their school’s captains in previous years and say holding the position themselves was an important personal goal.

As a school leader, Sam believes the key qualities lie in being courageous, compassionate and always striving to do your best. “If you are the hardest worker in the room, it motivates the people around you to better themselves and contribute in a greater capacity.”

Emily’s beliefs are complementary, making the leadership duo a great fit for the college this year. “To be a good leader, I believe you must be approachable, see situations from every angle and be able to use both of these qualities to the advantage of the team you are leading.”

For the captains, fostering school spirit and creating an environment where there is complete unity are objectives they have pledged to work towards for 2019. This term, every student was presented with a Unity Badge which serves as a daily reminder for students to live in unity each day and celebrate what it means to belong to SCOTS PGC College.