In 2017, Emily Curr, a St Margaret’s boarder, was a 14 year old with big dreams from Yelvertoft Station, North West of Mt Isa.

Emily organised the inaugural high school campdraft percentile cup. Emily wanted ‘her sport’ to become part of high school competition for like-minded peers. “Many girls at St Margaret’s are from the bush and may not always be the best at the traditional sports, but when it comes to riding a horse we can excel,” she said. The first campdraft Emily organised in Warwick attracted 52 students from eight schools across Queensland and New South Wales. By 2018, the word had passed around. More than 300 riders from 26 schools flocked to Pittsworth in November for the second annual high school campdraft.

Great distances were travelled to support the campdrafters, with some St Margaret’s families travelling from as far away as Mt Isa — some 2400km — with trucks and horses to support their children. Many families helped support the event by working behind the scenes with setting up and working the cattle. “St Margaret’s provided prizes and gave a donation which was used to support costs of the event and we were very grateful for this,” Emily said.

“I am so humble and proud of the way the event has grown. A special thanks to St Margaret’s for believing in me and letting me grow a dream of mine,” she said. The 2019 high school campdraft will be held in November, once again in Pittsworth.

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