Wathmi Herath finished Year 12 at Fairholme College four months ago and has expressed her gratitude to her teachers and the Fairholme community.

Striving to be accepted into Medicine upon graduation from Fairholme, Wathmi gave her senior year her all. She credits her high OP result to her own dilligence and determination, and the encouragement of her teachers and peers. This year, Wathmi will undertake a Bachelor of Medical Science at the Australian National University in Canberra. After completing this program, she hopes to go on to study the postgraduate Doctor of Medicine and Surgery program. “I know there is a lot of hard work and commitment yet to come, but I believe with the foundation that I received from Fairholme, I will be able to reach my end goal of becoming a health professional,” she said.

“Behind each of my successes, whether it be receiving a great OP result or becoming the resilient woman I am today, lies the foundation provided by Fairholme. I am extremely grateful for all the excellent teachers at Fairholme who were approachable and always ready to give up their time whenever I needed their assistance. It is not only the teachers but also the rest of the Fairholme community that was always supportive, always encouraging me to become the best version of myself.”

Fairholme College has been named the top school in the Darling Downs region, and is the only school in the region to be named in News Corp Australia’s Top 50 Schools in Queensland  based on 2018 OP results.