Premier luxury automotive brand Lexus of Toowoomba has extended its support for one of the city’s iconic events with a significant sponsorship for this year, announced on Friday 15 February.

Lexus of Toowoomba will present Spring Polo 2019 on Saturday 28 September, which is one of the biggest sponsorship deals Lexus of Toowoomba has taken up in the Garden City. Lexus of Toowoomba’s Dealer Principal Brett Motton announced the sponsorship following two successful years partnering with The Event Group Toowoomba. “Spring Polo is a brilliant event. It brings our local community together – from across the Darling Downs and as far as Victoria and even New Zealand,” Motton said. “Lexus of Toowoomba is proud to be the presenting partner of this iconic event which is held every year right in the heart of the Garden City at such a beautiful time of the year.”

Motton said the partnership between Lexus of Toowoomba and The Event Group Toowoomba was all about supporting a locally run event (Spring Polo) and help ensure it goes to the next level. “We want to see Spring Polo continue to give the local community a quality event to come and enjoy during the Carnival of Flowers,” he said “Since Lexus of Toowoomba opened its doors two years ago our goal was to set a new standard of luxury motoring and guest experience for the local community in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. Our passion and drive is similar to what Spring Polo organisers want to achieve out of their day for the people so together we are very excited about taking Spring Polo to a new level in 2019.”

Spring Polo 2019 will be held on Saturday 28 September 2019 in Queens Park.

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