The Little Gallery Café in Warwick is a peaceful oasis in the heart of a bustling city, providing gorgeous homemade cakes and an ever-changing menu for patrons looking for something unique and delicious.

It is an extension of Galleria Interiors, and both properties are owned by Sarah Littleproud. “We do property staging and styling,” Littleproud said, “and I wanted to complement that with the café.” Diners not only get to sip fine coffees and enjoy specialties such as blueberry banana cake and pork ragu with fresh fettucine, they get to delight in views of beautiful flower arrangements, elegant soft furnishings and distinctive furniture. With soft lighting, cheerful music and inspiring surroundings, Little Gallery Café is a charming shop. “I want our customers to be able to sit down and relax and enjoy the atmosphere,” Littleproud said.

After a delectable lunch and a good chat with friends, guests are welcome to wander the aisles of Galleria Interiors, gaining inspiration for their own homes from stunning displays of woven rugs and butter-soft linens, or picking out organic teas to savour at home. Through Galleria Interiors, Littleproud strives to offer clients a full service, from design and product choice to delivery and installation, while with Little Gallery Café, she hopes to serve the best coffee in Warwick with fully trained baristas and coffee beans roasted in New South Wales. “We’ve had lots of good compliments so far,” she said.

Her businesses have grown and diversified in response to the skills and interests of her 10 staff members. “I really like doing stuff that makes my staff grow,” she explained. “I tend to get the right people, then develop around their skills. It may be the wrong way around, but that’s the way we do it.” This unusual approach results in staff who love their work and are constantly thinking of ways to improve and grow, whether it is planning workshops for the public on interior design and property staging, or adding scrumptious new dishes to the menu such as Turkish street food or a savoury Thai chicken tart. “We’re trying to keep everything as local as possible and really healthy,” Littleproud said.

Little Gallery Café caters to various dietary requirements, offering options for gluten free and dairy free desserts, breakfasts and lunches, as well as different milks for their coffee drinks. All cakes are homemade, including the luscious raspberry vanilla cake with fresh raspberry frosting. “We always try to have a specialty cake,” Littleproud said. “And they’re always changing.” Little Gallery Café also likes to host special events around holidays, including the Mother’s Day High Tea in May. Guests booked tables for four, six, eight or 10, and each table received a selection of sandwiches and sweets and the choice of several organic teas including French Earl Grey and Women’s Wellness Tea full of rosehip, hibiscus and rose petals. “Our teas are developed by a naturopath in Sydney,” Littleproud said. “They have all sorts of health benefits and they also taste really nice.”

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