Western Downs Regional Council (WDRC), in partnership with Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE), has announced the publication of a new magazine celebrating the Western Downs and its growing number of professional and lifestyle opportunities.

LIVE Western Downs, which is available in both print and online form, is intended to highlight the region’s strong community ethos, relaxed country lifestyle, and its capacity to entertain both residents and visitors alike. The Western Downs is home to almost 34,000 people, but Deputy mayor Andrew Smith says that the region’s future is looking even brighter.

“The Western Downs has built a reputation as the place to do business, and one of our key strengths is our resilient and diverse economy, skilled workforce, and thriving employment,” Andrew explained. “We want to attract more people to our region so they can enjoy our lifestyle with their families and further their career. With so much industry at our doorstep, it is no wonder people see this as the best of both worlds,” he continued. In recent years, the Western Downs has become a mecca for people hoping to triumph in a diversity of industries, including health, education, agriculture, sport, and infrastructure.

LIVE Western Downs will discuss opportunities within these industries, as well as showcase major events, like Big Skies and the Chinchilla┬áMelon Festival, that attract people from across the country. LIVE Western Downs will also focus on the attractions, restaurants, activities, businesses, and key identities that make the Western Downs great. TSBE Deputy Chairman Rob Hart said he was proud to shine a Spotlight on the Western Down’s enviable lifestyle. “For those looking for a change – the Western Downs offers so many opportunities.”

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