Local Talent - Highlife Magazine-2I am always on the search for original music. It has a calming effect against all the pressure of working and life in general.

I also enjoy meeting people who are passionate about their field, and David and Brendan from Toowoomba band ‘Through the Looking Glass’ are exactly that.

We discussed the new four-track EP titled, Don’t Judge an Album by its Cover and musical influences while sitting in the alleyway of a very cool coffee shop with the sounds of British Invasion bands distracting us from the conversation of creating music. I suppose ‘acoustic folk’ could be the right label for this duo, although strains of 90s Britpop can also be heard. Think about a sunny afternoon, enjoying some drinks with friends, with these guys providing the cool tunes. “Marley from Alchemix mixed and produced the album, and although we had never met (Marley) before, he really probed us for the direction that the album was going to take. We spoke to a lot of producers, and we felt that we had made the right decision. We simply started with the basic track of vocals and guitar, then the tambourine arrived, and it simply brought a new element to what was a basic recording.”

Local Talent - Highlife MagazineDavid explains, “It was a real turning point for me to get positive feedback about my vocals. People heard the EP, and saw us play live, and I gained so much more confidence. It’s like we have hit the tipping point, and it’s great to be on the other side of this recording. Our goal from now on is to basically play as often as we can. Somebody told me years ago that music was only a hobby, but I would love to be recognised and remembered as a musician with longevity.”Local Talent - Highlife Magazine-4

Brendan explains his musical heritage, “I studied classical piano from the age of 10 and absolutely hated it, and it really turned me off music. My dad had some Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple records, and I started playing bass guitar in a high school band, then I learned guitar, and studied music in Lismore for around 12 months.”

For David, music was also a childhood influence. “I basically grew up with Elvis and Roy Orbison; my mother has a vinyl record collection. I knew as a child that I wanted to produce and record an album, so I started the ball rolling by teaching myself guitar,” he said.

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“With so much music available nowadays, it’s important that we play live, and really connect with our fans,” explains Brendan. “There are so many opportunities opening up for us, across all sorts of venues in the South East corner, and we just can’t wait to fill the spaces, and entertain the crowds. There is so much more music about to come (from us), and we have already started planning our next recording.”

Through the Looking Glass’s four-track EP is available now on throughthelookingglass2.bandcamp.com, or contact Brendan and Dave via the Facebook page.

Words Marcus Hudswell Image by Emily Insch