Toowoomba local, Sheryl Gillies and her organic skincare business Athonika took Sydney by storm on Thursday March 5 at an International Women’s Day event in Haymarket. Gillies, founder and director of Athonika said she was humbled that Athonika had been recognised nationally as a female-founded business that provides luxury, salon-quality results skincare and cosmetics.

Since her early childhood, Gillies has had a love for all thing’s beauty.  As a Beauty Therapist and running her own highly successful salon, Gillies witnessed daily the transformational journeys of her clients from the ‘inside-out.’ Athonika was invited to showcase their product on International Women’s Day due to the effects of their products, leaving their client’s feeling confident and empowered in their skin. “The organisers of the event had heard about our number-one selling lip balm and the strong values we hold in protecting the environment through our sustainable, eco-friendly practices and ethical sourcing of product,” said Gillies.  “We have been overwhelmed by the support from not only our local customers but also nationally.”

She realised that her clients didn’t just come to her going to ’look good’ but more importantly, to ‘feel good’ too. At that time, Gillies tried using organic products but found that they didn’t yield the same salon wielding results as products that had synthetic ingredients. Athonika made it their mission to produce the best product in every possible aspect. They understand that people just want a product that works and gives the results that they claim. They know that their customers are concerned about the mineral oils that are in lip balms and the detrimental effects that this can wreak on their health. The team at Athonika are obsessed with providing products that are of premium quality and healthy for their clients. Gillies looks forward to expanding her organic skincare range later this year and is proud to be a local Toowoomba businesswoman creating a positive impact on a national scale.

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