Sydney Redulla is proud to be the College Captain of St Saviour’s College, Toowoomba for 2019, hoping to encourage and inspire students with her leadership.

Securing the captaincy for this year is a fitting way for Sydney to spend her final year at the St Saviour’s. Sydney completed all of her high school education at the College, commencing in Year 8 in 2015. Throughout her time at St Saviour’s, Sydney has been an active member of the school community and has enjoyed many academic and extra-curricular pursuits. She looks forward to connecting with and encouraging students to achieve their best this year.

During her tenure as Captain, Sydney hopes to promote and inspire students to follow the school values, encourage participation and involvement in all activities, and assist in providing a safe environment for all students. These aspirations encouraged her to nominate herself for a leadership position.

“I wanted to give people a voice when they aren’t heard or don’t want to speak up. I also want to promote and support our school values and encourage Catherine McAuley’s vision of living,” she said. Catherine McAuley is the founder of the Sisters of Mercy who opened the College in 1873.

Away from the College and her leadership duties, Sydney enjoys dance, baking and reading. On completion of Year 12 at St Saviour’s, Sydney plans to study Psychology at university.