Passion, tenacity and innovation has led Craig and Bec Beissel to confidently declare they consistently produce the most deliciously tender and uniquely flavoursome beef you have ever tasted.

The past five years has been life transforming for the Beissel family and they have courageously chosen to follow the road less travelled. “After a number of heartbreaking setbacks we had to make an important decision. There were two clear choices, the first was to invest absolutely everything we had into formulating a new way to operate our agricultural enterprise. Or we could walk away,” Bec reflects.

“We had two very young children at the time, the stakes were high, the stress was intense but Craig and I knew with all our hearts that we wanted to live lives our kids would be proud of. So we did it, we jumped in boots and all, we left nothing behind, and we have completely reinvented our beef production business,” she smiles.

The Beissels moved from operating a cattle stud to running the Maranoa’s first ever paddock to plate beef operation. They breed, background and fatten their cattle on the beautiful natural and improved pastures of the Maranoa region and sell directly to the customer. Craig says, “We are passionate about having control over the whole production process, from birth all the way through to slaughter and delivery. This enables us to keep our cattle on a continuous plane of nutrition which delivers supreme tenderness.”

Craig and Bec have focused on surrounding themselves with talented local people who also love what they do, including the truck driver, butcher, graphic designer, business planner and photographer. “We learnt very early on in the process that we cannot do everything ourselves, so we have been very intentional about building a team with others who are equally passionate about the ethical production of food. It is wonderfully encouraging and rewarding to work alongside talented local small business operators, who are also living their dream,” Bec says.

The Beissels have become increasingly passionate about helping all consumers get to know their farmers. They spread a ‘Know your Farmer, Know your Food’ message everywhere they go and encourage people to place a high value on the food they purchase and eat. “That’s the message we are so committed to sharing with our customers. Lovingly creating meals using produce direct from the farmer is one of life’s true joys. When you know where your food comes from and how it is produced, it ignites all your senses. It is such a great feeling to know your family is enjoying healthy food that has been ethically, naturally and lovingly produced,” Bec adds.

Each time you see the custom built Maranoa Beef delivery vehicle travelling from the Darling Downs to Charleville and everywhere in between you know premium, uniquely flavoursome, grass fed beef has just been lovingly delivered directly from the paddock to a plate.

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