Year 11 student Raphael Badman holds the leadership position of School House Captain this year offering a role model for fellow students. “Leading activities within my school and assisting within carnivals or similar events has been the main opportunity provided by my position,” he said.

“On top of that I also attend multi school events that will decide future activities for schools in the Diocese.” Raphael comes from a large family of eight children, though has no relatives who have attended Mary MacKillop Catholic College. “I enjoy a multitude of activities varying from sports to gaming to philosophy and I find comedy one of the greatest ways to battle hardship,” he said.

With hopes of becoming a building designer for both private and commercial designs, Raphael hopes to make a measurable difference in his local community. “I have been accepted to work with a building and construction design firm as a pathway to achieving a Degree in Building Design,” he said.

“On top of my Diploma and Practical work I have been blessed with the opportunity to help develop my school in the next phase of the Master Plan. I was tasked as a student representative in the future designs of Senior School buildings. It has truly been a blessing to work with them and an insightful journey that I will treasure as one of my greatest responsibilities.”

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