One of the four Downlands students who achieved an OP1, recent graduate Libby Butler will commence her Medical degree at the University of Queensland in 2021. This year, Libby is working at an MSC College in England and travelling Europe during her holidays.

Libby’s mother is a teacher at Downlands, so her College journey began well before Year 8 in 2015. She remembers afternoons playing handball with her brother in the corridors waiting for staff meetings or student tutoring to finish. Libby has a genuine love for learning and contributed extensively at Downlands including in school leadership, Canticum Choir, Dance Troupe, College Musicals (Les Misérables and Crazy for You), Liturgical Service, Social Justice Group, Maths Team Challenge and the Senior Girls First Volleyball team.

Always taking the opportunity to learn from her mistakes and improve with each piece of assessment, her philosophy of “failing forward” saw Libby finish Year 12 with VHAs across all subjects and the recipient of two traditional College awards, the John Tyson Doneley Memorial for Outstanding Merit and the Kevin Hanley Prize for the second highest overall level of achievement in Year 12. Her fondest memories of Downlands are when the whole school came together to celebrate its culture and spirit, such as Sacred Heart Day. “Seeing students proudly wearing a red heart painted on their faces and working together to create pieces of art along the main driveway was such a concentration of Downlands spirit that you couldn’t help but feel proud to be a Downlander,” she said.

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