General President of AgForce, Georgie Somerset has been named a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of her long-term advocacy for rural and regional Australians.

Georgia Somerset is the first female General President of AgForce, and advocates for equality for people in the bush.  CEO of AgForce, Michael Guerin commended the decades-long dedication of Somerset.  “A South Burnett cattle producer, Georgie has been a strong vocal advocate for the agriculture industry for many years, first as a member of the United Graziers’
Association, and for the past 20 years with AgForce,” he said. “We are fortunate to benefit from her passion, her dedication and her vision as General President, as we advocate on behalf of not just primary producers but the rural and regional communities of which they are an integral part.  Georgie’s background in regional development has helped her be a driving force behind AgForce’s Stand Up for Regional Queensland program, a movement that aims to ensure people who live outside southeast Queensland have access to the same quality services, infrastructure and opportunity”.

Somerset was the founding vice-resident, and later became president of the Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network, vice president of the National Foundation for Australian Women, and an associate member of the National Council of Women.  She said it was a humbling experience to receive the accolade, and the honour was in being able to represent the men and women of regional Australia. “There are no more resilient, resourceful and positive people living anywhere in the world than here in the bush,” she said.  “We are used to battling on with a steadfast resilience against whatever is thrown at us, raising strong families, who remain positive when season are dire, knowing they will continue this incredible positivity.  I am optimistic agriculture’s contribution to our economy and our environment will be more valued in the years to come and I am committed to continuing the work I do to assist this”.

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