Doctor Jane Graham’s ‘Missing Ellie’ is an emotive, raw look inside the life of a woman struggling to find meaning and contentment as she ages, and especially as the menopause seems to divide youth and older age. Chasing the truth behind a younger and more vibrant woman her husband is supposedly lusting for, heroine Ilse’s quest ends in something profound and utterly life-changing. But this is so much more than fiction, reminding readers that life is a constant renegotiation with one’s self as natural aging gives rise to growth and wisdom – and how relationships are the glue of existence that require work rather than impatience.

As a passionate psychotherapist and mental health professional who has spent her career working with patients across a wide range of conditions, Dr Jane Graham is well aware not only of the demands people put on themselves, but of how they tackle the natural aging process with fear, disappointment and lackluster excitement for the future. In particular, Jane has come to learn that menopause is perceived by most women as a clear end to youthfulness; a destructive mindset that leaves millions feeling unfulfilled and flat about the golden years ahead. In her new novel, ‘Missing Ellie’, Jane invites readers to join a woman struggling along her own journey of natural ageing, as her search for the other woman in her husband’s life ends with a mirror into herself.

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