Artist Monica Henry will be exhibiting her work at the Toowoomba Grammar Art Show in 2021. Monica’s artwork ‘Singing with Rosie’ is one of the few pieces of artwork which is available for purchase on the online store. This piece can be viewed on, or interested buyers can contact Bec Statton on 0437 813 196 to arrange a private viewing.

Monica, who was recently interviewed, says that she works with wool and creates floral textile designs that are full of movement and texture. Her artworks consist of colour as she enjoys evoking a sense of happiness and strives to put a smile on the faces that view her work.

“Brought up in a creative household I’ve taken my hand to most creative forms, painting, drawing, sculpting, to name a few. I commenced with wool in the last few years and developed my technique throughout this time, using different stitches to create depth and layers as well as experimenting with different wools,” she said.

“Art is an ever-evolving journey, and it’s healthy trying new things. I love new ideas and doing short courses. At the beginning of my wool journey, I completed a floristry course, which really influenced my work. My mother is a huge knitter, and her grandfather used to make rugs using the same wool technique, so it’s in my blood,” she continued.

Monica says she enjoys art as it gives her a sense of calm and a form of meditation. She continued to say that her most significant moments were joining Greenhouse interiors and when Celeste Barber chose her art as part of her backdrop for her U.S tour. Monica’s accomplishments have been inspired by her travels as there’s ‘so much to see, and it helps to shape you as a person and as a creative’.

The Grammar Art Show will be held on 27-28 March 2021 with tickets on sale in February.

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