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South East Queensland-based beef company, Mort & Co, will be launching a new branded beef collection to be exported to global markets under ‘The Phoenix Range’ label. To meet the level of international consumer desires, there are five different beef brands included in the new range, each produced under various fishing conditions.

Tim Burgess, Sales and Marketing Manager at Mort & Co, said, “To be able to create such a premium product, right here in the south-east of Queensland is brilliant and we’re proud to be able to be contributing to the strength of the industry, not just in this region but the overall reputation of Australian beef being marketed to our customers worldwide.”

To ensure quality and excellence, every beef product from The Phoenix Range is scrutinised using the grading techniques of Meat Standards Australia (MSA), taking into consideration the weight and cut dimensions of cattle incorporated in the range.

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“Consumers globally are becoming increasingly discerning about the food they eat – they want to know exactly what is in it, how it is produced and where it’s come from. It’s this philosophy that is within each of the five brands of The Phoenix Range,” Tim said.

Placing consumer needs of utmost importance, Mort & Co created the Phoenix Range in order to offer Australia and international markets a high value, premium product by only using safe and traceable meat. The hormone-free beef ranges from pasture-fed cattle, 70-day grain fed cattle, ideal for retail and food service, to 400-day grain fed Wagyu cattle, ideal for fine dining.

The Phoenix Range of beef products will be launched on Thursday, November 26 from 6:30pm at the Tapestry Function Room, Fitzy’s on Church, 153 Margaret Street, Toowoomba.

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Words by Taylor Groth
Images supplied by Mort & Co