Toowoomba Regional Council unveiled the newly refurbished Mt Kynoch Laboratory with extended testing services. The Laboratory focuses on testing Toowoomba’s water supply and ensuring safe and secure water for the greater Toowoomba area.

“The new facilities will ensure faster testing turnaround times, which will allow residents to benefit from higher quality water. It also means we will be able to react faster to any developing issues,” TRC Water and Waste Committee chair Cr Nancy Sommerfield said. The $1.3m revamp focussed on improving the facility to meet new Workplace Health and Safety specifications and updated microbiological hazard containment requirements. “The new covered flooring and air systems will address these compliance issues through the reduction of potential hydrocarbon, acid and particulate releases. The upgrades will help with future-proofing the facility. Technology upgrades, including networking, wifi, electricity and air handling availability will help connect new instrumentation that may be required in the future.”  New improvements also allow for the reduction of outsourced testing and labour resulting in immediate savings for the region.

Water operators and laboratory technicians at Mt Kynoch test water samples daily to ensure residents have a safe and secure drinking water supply including a four-step test for metals and a biological test with abnormalities triggering necessary remedial action. With Mt Kynoch renowned for its water quality and even representing Australia at the Best Water in the World competition at the Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, ensuring this high quality is imperative to the region. “A clean, sustainable water supply is vital for our health and one of the most important issues facing the region.” Cr Sommerfield added.

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