What a wonderful life skill to possess the ability to converse and understand people speaking not only English, but also in other languages.

Toowoomba Grammar School Year 12 student Connor McLeod has such a capacity and combines his linguistic studies with a full program of other Year 12 subjects and playing sport at an elite level. This year Connor is studying English, Mathematics B, Chemistry, Geography and French at school but also studies German via correspondence. He has achieved multiple academic awards during his education.  Early in his school career Connor was the Vice-Captain of the Junior School at Toowoomba Grammar. Connor is studying German via correspondence as his skills in football (soccer) will lead him to study, reside and play football in Germany next year. He has already studied in Germany for one term whilst he was on a student exchange when he was in Year 10.

Connor’s football skills have led to his selection in the Toowoomba Grammar School Open First Eleven Football team and also in previous years the Queensland School Sport Football team. In 2020, Connor will travel to a small city called Holzwickeder in Dortmund, Germany to play football whilst also attending school and improving his sport and language proficiency. Connor’s wish is to secure a football contract whilst overseas in Europe. In addition to his studies and sporting involvement, Connor has sought to devote considerable time to his duties as a School Prefect, Director of the School’s Interact Club, Senior Academic Leader, Service Coordinator and Liaison Officer with the Junior School students.

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