Julie Boundy of Positively Organic Skincare has been selected as a finalist for the 2019 Ausmumpreneur awards.

These prestigious awards recognise Australian mums who balance motherhood whilst excelling in business, product development, customer service and digital innovation. Boundy and her husband sold everything in 2008, bought a caravan and spent the next three years travelling Australia with their two children whom Julie home schooled while on the road. The constantly changing climate during their travels left her highly sensitive skin red, irritated, oily, dry.

“My inspiration for starting my business came from my own skin issues. I tried many ‘so called’ natural/organic products over the years but couldn’t find anything which I was happy with.” It was while she was in the Northern Territory an Aboriginal guide spoke about the incredible medicinal benefits of native plants, many of which are still used today. This is when Boundy had a ‘lightbulb’ moment.

Once the family settled in Toowoomba, she decided to start formulating her own plant-based products which took more than 12 months to perfect. “The challenges of starting my business was sourcing certified organic ingredients which are very expensive and then formulating each product. It was a trial and error process and took over 12 months before I was happy with the end result.” Boundy is very environmentally conscious and packages her products in miron glass and ships them in containers sourced from Byron Bay made from compostable materials such as sugar cane pulp and corn starch.

“I make each product by hand in small batches and I label them by hand in my solar powered studio. I don’t want to buy big machines to do the work; I love making each product myself.” Boundy has her products stocked in several retail outlets throughout the country, as well as in a private hospital in Toowoomba for their cancer care ward. Business is not always easy, but she has found success domestically and internationally despite raising two children, having her husband away for months at a time as a FIFO worker, and with no capital.

“Being selected as a finalist means so much to me because I have shown my children that with hard work and persistence you can achieve what you want in life, and not to give up when things get tough,”Boundy said. “I was nominated by one of my lovely customers. I had to answer a list of questions about my business and then I was selected by a panel of judges to fly down to Melbourne to attend a two-day conference and have my interview.” The winner of the AusMumpreneur Awards is being announced at a Gala Awards Dinner in Melbourne on September 6.

Boundy’s products can be found online at www.positivelyorganicskincare.com.au or if you live in the Toowoomba region you can visit her retail space based at her Highfields studio.

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