A sustainable earth begins with birth.

My Midwives is committed to women and their families having the optimum start to their relationship with their baby. “Our contribution to future happiness and well being of our planet is to offer every woman ultimate care through midwifery continuity of care for pregnancy, birth and post birth period. At My Midwives we will ensure that you are prepared not only for the birth of your baby but also supported through the weeks after birth.”

At My Midwives Toowoomba the team is fortunate to do what they love and love what they do. “We provide ultimate care to women and their families in a unique environment. We are also fortunate enough to be able to provide our midwifery care in a beautiful community setting, an old renovated Queenslander which women tell us “just feels like coming home”. If you would like to see where we provide a portion of our midwifery care you can take a the Google walkthrough is at the top of this page. The clinic, based in Margaret Street Toowoomba (just up the road from Grand Central) is where we hold the majority of our pregnancy and post-birth appointments and also our group sessions.

My Midwives Toowoomba is a little bit different to the other My Midwives in that we were the first midwives in Australia to have visiting access to a hospital. This significant step in 2012 has allowed our women to continue to receive care from a midwife they employ rather than someone that has been “allocated” to them to provide their care. The midwives are very fortunate to also be able to provide care to women in the Toowoomba Birth Centre, which means many of our women have access to water immersion for pain relief and also water birth. Fortunately as private midwifery becomes more of the “norm” other hospitals around the country are also giving midwives access so that women are able to have the carer of their choice within a hospital facility.

Having access to a the hospital means our midwives are able to consult if there are any concerns, with obstetricians and other medical staff at any time for pregnancy, birth and postbirth care. The other benefit is women are able to receive Medicare rebates and rebates from a select group of private health funds.

It is important to us that women have the ability to “choose” what type of care they would like for pregnancy, birth and those days of early parenting, so we invite you to attend an initial antenatal appointment which we bulk bill, so you can ask questions and find out what we are all about.