A new contemporary, after work bar called The Office opened its doors in early December 2015 to the vibrant inner-city community of Toowoomba. Business partners Kenneth Wagner and Michael Hay established The Office to rejuvenate the culture and spirit of Toowoomba’s CBD.

The two storey establishment includes an open spaced area with magnificent rooftop terrace views, creating a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere where patrons can relax and enjoy drinks with friends after work. The inspiration for the modern lifestyle bar was derived from successful contemporary bars in and around Brisbane’s CBD.

It’s not all about drinking. The new menu offers guests a range of share plate favourites, ranging from antipasto platters, meat share boards and a Turkish bread dipping platter. For something more substantial, the kitchen offers delicious beef nachos, a house made gourmet beef burger and pan seared barramundi.

Kenneth and Michael aspired to create a bar that is different to what Toowoomba’s bar scene currently offers.

As Toowoomba features many heritage listed old buildings, the owners aimed to provide the city and its community with a new contemporary look and vibe. To contribute to the change already occurring in Toowoomba’s CBD, with various construction projects underway to reface the city centre, Kenneth and Michael are definitely a part of Toowoomba’s modern renaissance. The Office is one of the first new places for people to gather in the inner city.