Staying aligned with its mission statement, the NGU Real Estate team at the newly formed Toowoomba Office is providing meaningful and tangible value to the Hope Horizons Cancer wellness centre.

The NGU office Toowoomba prides itself on giving back to the Toowoomba community with each of the sales team members donating to select charities across the city. Paddy Ryan has chosen Hope Horizons as his charity and today hands over a cheque for $1000 for sales made over the past three months.

“NGU stands for Never Give Up, and we believe the hope that Hope Horizons provides for our cancer patients and their families signifies this as well,” said Paddy. “A diagnosis of cancer marks the beginning of a journey full of emotional, psychological, physical, and practical challenges. Challenges can relate to the shock of a cancer diagnosis and fears about the future. Or it can be related to the side effects of treatments or the financial or physical burden on individuals and their families.

“Living with cancer can present so many stressors which can, in turn, affect a person’s mental health which is vital in fighting cancer. Hope Horizons helps you manage those stressors by offering allied health professionals services and relaxation therapies all with no out-of-pocket cost to the client,” he said.

“It’s donations like this one from Paddy and NGU that allows us to continue delivering this care,” said Hope Horizons President Kate Beyer. “We are very grateful.”

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