University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Orientation is in full swing with hundreds of students on campus for O-Week day one today (February 23). USQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Jan Thomas greeted the University’s newest students at a welcome ceremony.


The welcome was very useful for nursing student Joedette Redoble, who has only just arrived in Australia from the Philippines. “The speakers were very motivating and encouraged us to make the most of our first day,” she said. Ms Redoble said she still has much to do and see this week.

usq oweek

Professor Thomas said, “I hope they enjoy O-Week and I wish them all the very best in their studies.” Orientation activities for each faculty and section of the University have continued on throughout the week. Events include a welcome for USQ international students on Wednesday, a market day on Thursday and the Phoenix Carnival on March 4. The carnival celebrates the student experience, with food and entertainment, live music and community and market stalls.

Words and images via USQ