Goats-2For more than a decade Ellie Jackson has been reading, studying and analysing the mathematical and chemistry attributes of soaps and beauty products. She has been experimenting endlessly with delicious and locally sourced natural products.  Ellie is driven by the desire to produce the most luxurious goat’s milk soaps and beauty products that cleanse, nourish and bless the bodies of all who use them. “About 11 years ago when we were experiencing a devastating drought, my soul was depleted and I just couldn’t go out day after day and face the endless misery,” Ellie said. “I needed to create something beautiful. I wanted to make a local handmade product that would be practical and lovely and would bring joy to all who use it.”

Ellie’s Dad supported her dream by building a small workshop under the house where she could conduct endless trial and error experiments with all her specially sourced ingredients. “One day my husband came down and looked around my makeshift workshop and watched me make the soap. Afterwards he was tormented by the idea that if my ingredients were not combined in the correct quantities and order there was a slight chance I could blow the house up. After that he had a purpose built ‘Soap Shack’ built for me,” Ellie laughs.Soap-5

The goat’s milk Ellie uses in her soaps is sourced from local Roma farmers Clem and Christine Boughen who milk their small herd every morning and night, and each goat is named and loved and cared for with much kindness. Ellie explains “Goat’s milk is the closest to human sebum which enables our skin to absorb all the vitamins and it deeply hydrates the skin, which is especially vital for people living a busy outdoor life under the hot Queensland sun. It is very important to me to know the origin of every ingredient I use in my products,” she said.

“Christine and Clem care for their goats with deep love. I get my pumpkin seed oil from a passionate producer who I know is committed to sustainable farming practices. The palm oil I use is certified Orangatan friendly and all my fragrances and essences are Australian and certified organic.”

Eleven years on, Ellie is continuing to perfect her products and is also introducing new items and fragrances to the range. “I regularly have Invention Days where I dream up and work on brand new things. I’ve just developed a Foaming Bath Milk and I’m trying to perfect a Lime and Cumquat fragrance as well,” Ellie said.

So if you are looking for Ellie Jackson, you will find her out on the range in her Soap Shack surrounded by goat’s milk, rubber gloves, mixing bowls, endless fragrances, oils and extracts and a bunch of posting boxes and stamps as she individually prepares each item for her friends, family and customers.


Words by Justine Miller | Images by Justine Miller