Pete Evans, of My Kitchen Rules (MKR) fame, is setting out on a tour of Australia and New Zealand tour, presenting ‘Learn to Cook the Paleo Way’. On the 17th of February, he’ll be presenting at the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba. Those in attendance will learn all about the paleo diet – from understanding the science to practical cooking skills and how to cook on a budget. The kitchen topic du jour is fermenting, and Pete will show you how to start this process at home.

Co-presenting with Pete during the tour will be personal trainer and fitness expert Luke Hines. This ex-MKR competitor has combined his fitness know-how with his fame from his recent media stint to launch a healthy-living website, With his philosophy of ‘train hard; eat clean; feel good’, he makes the perfect sidekick to Evans on this national paleo tour. Pete’s passion for paleo is no secret. His new TV series ‘The Paleo Way’ began this January on Channel Seven, spruiking this diet through recipes and interviews with dietary authorities. Pete eats, lives and breathes this paleo way of life, so this roadshow is something of a natural progression for the chef.

“…this is all about putting it into a practical presentation and offering affordable solutions for busy families and people. I’m excited to share these accessible solutions to living the Paleo way, some great recipes and information so people can easily adopt this way of life,” says Pete. If you like almonds activated and have a healthy suspicion of all vegetable and seed oils, this cooking and healthy-living tour is something for you. To buy tickets, go to the Earth Events website:

 Words by Alice Thompson