Glennie School student Caitlyn Ruane has been selected as the Toowoomba North respresentative in the 2017 round of YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament nominations.

In a meeting with Glennie’s career advisors, the year 11 student expressed her desire to pursue a career in humanities and was urged to nominate for the 2017 Youth Parliament. She was delighted to be selected as the representative for her electorate.

Mrs Sharon Currie, Career Advisor at The Glennie School said, “It was a great opportunity for Caitlyn to explore her interest area further, as well as build valuable skills that will help her in future education and work endeavours.”

Caitlyn attended the first of two sittings at parliament house planned during the Easter school holidays.

She took part in the Youth Parliament Oath and sat on the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, discussing ideas for a possible Youth Bill: Supporting Sexual Assault Victims in the Region.

“Staying connected with real world issues and having a say in my electorate has been a highlight of this experience.  As a Youth Parliament member I’m gaining skills to prepare me for a career which I hope includes a role with The United Nations” said Caitlyn.

Before the next sitting in September, Caitlyn plans to stay in contact with other committee members to work together on drafting the bill. The committee will be split into two teams, sponsoring and refuting, to write and improve the bill in an effort to have it passed in Parliament.

Caitlyn joins 93 other youth members representing Queensland’s 89 state electorates and 4 indigenous electorates in the Youth Parliament.

Youth Members give a voice to the young people in their electorates, bringing their concerns and ideas directly to decision-makers statewide. Being immersed in the unique educational environment gives Youth Members the opportunity to experience parliamentary operations first-hand, be heard in contentious debates on topical issues, and liaise with members of both government and opposition.

There are eight committees in the Youth Parliament, spanning topics including health, transport, education, science and indigenous affairs.

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Banner image: Caitlyn Ruane with Trevor Watts MP