Westridge Shopping Centre is the new home of Australia’s first regionally located Pattysmiths handcrafted premium burgers restaurant.

According to the Pattysmiths team, beneath every great bun is an even greater patty. Carefully hand-pressing each handmade patty on a custom-built cast iron hot plate ensures the entire burger is cooked to perfection and served with that trademark golden crust you won’t see anywhere else.

New owner Jason Lindfors is excited to bring the unique handcrafted taste to Toowoomba. Already proud owner of the very popular Noodlebox Westridge, Lindfors said that expanding into a second shop at Westridge Shopping Centre was a no brainer for him. “Westridge Shopping Centre has various runs on the board for housing the best of Toowoomba as voted by readers of The Chronicle. It’s only natural that customers should also have the choice of buying a delicious handcrafted premium burger in the new dining precinct.”

Westridge Shopping Centre has recently undertaken major renovations of their dining in area, which opens in late May. “We are pleased to now have a comfortable family friendly space for customers to relax and enjoy meals from our various food offerings after they have done their shopping. Providing a space where diners can take a seat undercover both in the daytime and evenings is an exciting new feature for Westridge, and yet another thing that sets us apart from other convenience style shopping centres, ” said Tim Colthup, General Manager of Hallmark Property.

The Westridge Shopping Centre team is proud to deliver customers a variety of flavours to satisfy any taste bud craving. Popping in to the centre for a casual lunch, or swinging by after work for a family meal has never been easier. Pattysmiths handcrafted premium burgers is in great company with neighbours Noodlebox, Domino’s Pizza, CrackerJack Chicken, Rak Thai Kitchen, Metro Seafood and Brumby’s Bakery.

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