Cully Fest has announced the launch of Release, a cabaret show by Pepper Jane, on 17 November.

Released officially began with a series of performances in South East Queensland throughout May and will be making its way to Toowoomba for the 2017 Cully Fest.

Released began as the onstage performance of Pepper’s debut album as she started to share some of the stories behind the songs. A storytelling circle with a soundtrack, the show is in its early stages, though Pepper says its will continue to evolve as she further develops it.

The first disc and first act of the show, Waiting and the Lost Art of Devotion, follows a journey of acceptance. The second disc, Starting Now and its title track is a battle cry to move on.

Pepper believed it was important to tell both sides of the story as that is how they are playing out in her life.

“It feels like an old show, but its assembly over a number of years has just led to a new incarnation of these tales,” she said.

Leading up to Cully Fest Pepper will be touring the country.

“I’ve got plenty of interstate touring to cover in the meantime, which will help me gather a richer treasure trove of stories to bring around the Cully Fest campfire,” she said.

During the show, Pepper will light up the stage with her intriguing performance viewers enjoy a three-course meal.

Released has so far been a solo act, with the addition of two musicians for the final May shows. However, Pepper is planning big things for Cully Fest.

“Looking to the future, the band will expand and at Cully Fest I aim to have a full band, interpretative dance and additional visual effects,” she said.

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