Everything old is new again! Over the weekend exhibitors and shoppers flocked to Pittsworth Town Hall and the main streets for the Pittsworth Craft and Fine Food Spectacular

There was some unusual exhibitions for 2013 including soy candles, handmade wooden toys, sculptured art dolls, locally made confectionary, crafted ironwork from a local blacksmith, along with wines, port and liqueurs made in the area. The hall was packed to capacity along with the adjoining park filled with artistic folk with wares for all to enjoy.

At 6pm on Saturday, a professional floral concert began with Egbert Guichard, organist; Melinda Janetzki, Sing Aust, flautists; Elaine Coates, a harpist; High Altitude Men’s Harmony and Pittsworth Community Choir, and to top it all off, Rob Loch on the bagpipes.


Images by Belinda McKinlay