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World class drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, Sunrise Way, is seeking support from the wider community in Toowoomba. The organisation is asking those who do not need the ‘two free plants’ voucher received in their Rates Notice, to kindly donate it to the centre. This will help provide improved facilities without the potential years it would take to fundraise the money for new plants.

Sunrise Way is an innovative local organisation that provides live-in rehabilitation for up to six months, along with abstinence based programs, family support groups and structured living in order to guide participants back into daily routines of work and study. The therapeutic drug and alcohol rehabilitation program enables people to gain insight into themselves, the roots of their addiction, how to begin to recover along with assisting in developing knowledge, skills and strategies to avoid relapse. Sunrise Way is guided by the values of dignity, mutual respect and personal responsibility with program participants being actively involved in the running of the Rehabilitation Centre in conjunction with their recovery programs and therapeutic sessions.

In order to provide the highest standard of care, Sunrise Way aims to create a beautiful, calming and peaceful environment and the growth of their gardens and grounds is a key part of this development. With the Toowoomba community already beginning to back this local organisation, every extra plant voucher counts – helping everyday people return to the lives, their responsibilities and their loved ones.

To donate, please send your plant vouchers to PO Box 2885, Toowoomba, QLD 4350. Visit the Sunrise Way website to learn more about the wonderful work they do.

Words by Meg Gillespie
Image by Sunrise Way