As digital content consumption grows, people are turning to Podcasts to listen to a wide range of topics when commuting, walking the dog, sweating it out at the gym and even to relax before bed.

The rise in podcasts is great news for small businesses working to reach new audiences and customers. Podcasts are a new way of listening to content, in a format similar to radio but with the ability to listen to episodes at each person’s own convenience. Toowoomba resident Ellen Ronalds Keene is now on the sixth season of her self produced podcast. Ellen also helps other podcasters edit and create their shows through her business, Perk Digital.

“It’s the golden age of audio right now,” said Ellen. “You don’t need to be on camera, you don’t need to think about spelling or punctuation, and your content won’t disappear down the feed after a few days.” “Podcasts are an excellent way to demonstrate your authority and expertise.” “Podcasting is the best networking you will ever do.”

Free apps such as such as Stitcher Radio for Android or Apple Podcast for iPhone allow easy listening on the go. Podcasts cover almost every topic imaginable from pop culture to business, comedy through to local news. Toowoomba Local Zoe Esther is using her engineering pedigree to discuss with experts all things smart city, technology and innovation on her Podcast, The Smart Community Podcast. The podcast has opened amazing new doors for Zoe, with guest speaking opportunities nationally and internationally.

Event Management Expert, Linda Tillman from Revents Academy, has started a podcast to help regional communities optimise tourism and events. New podcasts are appearing every day with Shane Adamson from Drone Chat launching a Toowoomba focused Podcast called Talkin’ Toowoomba in 2020. There are many local resources to help you learn and create your own podcast. Canvas Coworking recently opened a Podcast recording studio right here in Toowoomba and Ellen Ronalds Keene regularly runs podcasting workshops. The next workshop will be held in Toowoomba on Tuesday night Feb 18th in collaboration with EAT Digital.

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