Fun Over 50 Holidays have worked to preserve the ANZAC legacy by planting a field of poppies and rosemary hedge at the Amiens Legacy Centre, Stanthorpe.

Fun Over 50 Holidays is a multi-award-winning Australian-owned tour and transport operator specialising in luxury all-inclusive coach, cruise, rail, and air package holidays for over-50s. This Coach-4-Cause initiative intends to show support to the heroes who served our country and honour the ANZAC legacy. Fun Over 50 Holidays have donated their 44-seat coach to the cause, transporting guests to Stanthorpe to conduct a planting of poppies and a rosemary hedge at the Amiens Legacy Centre.

Once home to a field of poppies, the gardens have suffered through drought and other hardships. The organization has partnered with the Amiens Legacy Centre and provided funding from their Green Bank to establish the garden beds, replant the field of poppies, install irrigation, and assist in restoring it to its former glory. April is the optimal time for planting and coincides with ANZAC day. Paying guests joined the cause to participate in the planting session, which took place on Monday 24 April 2023. These guests experienced a mix of give-back actions along with touring activities.

A follow-up tour will run in November this year, where they will return to Stanthorpe and the Amiens Legacy Centre, to see the poppies in full bloom, to commemorate Remembrance Day, and bring tourism back to the region through Red November, an event that celebrates the cherries and berries harvesting and include visits to local wine makers.

Fun Over 50 Holidays’ Our People and Planet Program ensures their long-term commitment to minimise their carbon emissions, increase environmental awareness and give back to the communities that they visit. The organization and their guests hold a strong desire to give back to the communities they have visited and to leave a legacy.

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