Hi Julianna,

Thanks for your time, where do you see my career going this year? Any international travel? Thanks! 



Hi Tracey,

I don’t see any international travel for you this year as I feel it is a matter of finances that this won’t occur, however do see next June/July with you going throughout France and Europe.

As for your career, I feel that this will stay stable until September when you are offered  a more lucrative position with a person who you currently know (feels like a client) to come and work with them.

Take care,



Dear Julianna, 

I have finally returned to my loved career of Interior Design within an architectural firm after three and a half years away, bringing up my 3 children.  I always have a worry however, looming above me about the safety and security of my job as this profession I feel, has never had security.  Do you think I will ever be or become secure? 



Hi Angela,

I agree that where you are, as in industry choice, is a bit precarious as it is more so considered a ‘’luxury’’ then a necessity and yet I feel like if you introduce 3 packages such as a Silver, Gold and Platinum then the client can come in at an entry level and then you can up-sell them and make your job appear functional, affordable and workable and within this concept you add another level to the firm.

I do feel if you are creating more value within your role then you make it more secure. Otherwise it will never be rock solid.

Take care,



Hello Julianna,

While I have recently ended a long term relationship I have a feeling that I will meet someone of significance shortly. Is my feeling correct?



Hi Grace,

I see you with another partner but not until 2014 and until then for me it is about you dating and getting to better ‘’feel’’ who you are and what you want. For me, this is now about you establishing yourself from both a career and financial positioning as I feel that with independence in these areas comes the vibration that heralds the higher level of the relationship.




We are saving to buy a house and I was wondering how long before we are able to and do you see us buying an established home or building our own on acreage?



Hi Angela

I sincerely hope you opt for the established home on acreage as I feel that building will test both your patience and your temperament.

I feel that next December you will be able to plan and purchase and herald in 2015 in your new home.




Dear Juliana,

I have a small business that we have had for two years. We don’t know which direction to take next in terms of growth or selling it. What should we do?




The key issue here is that I feel like you need to better get to know your market place and your consumer profile and with this you will be able to market to expand your business and the key is that you will be very targeted with your marketing so you will get better results! You know your business like no other, so you need to really imagine and be clear about your consumer and within this answer is your plan to grow this business. I don’t feel that you would or even should sell it as it still has valuable life in it.

Take care,



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