We sat down with Clifford Park Toowoomba Turf Club CEO Blair Odgers to see what he likes best about the Downs and surrounds …

What do you like most about the Downs region?

The Downs is a wonderful region. I most enjoy experiencing the fullness of the four seasons. Having lived coastal for the most part of my life, I really enjoy experiencing the autumn and spring seasons. As the seasons change, how we live and what we do changes with it.

Who inspires you?

I’m not really one who takes inspiration from anyone in particular. I more so take inspiration from people who are passionate about their cause.

Favourite foodie haunt in the Downs region?

I do enjoy visiting the Rosalie House winery in Lilyvale on a Sunday afternoon.

This winter, I will be spending more time …

In front of our new fireplace enjoying a drop or two of shiraz. We expect to move into our newly built house this winter and I look forward to enjoying the initial months in our home.

The best way to unwind after a busy week?

With a glass of wine watching the sunset at home, at this time of year by an open fire.

Ultimate holiday destination?

Cruising some rivers and canals in the South of France.