We sat down with Christine Coorey, Co-Owner of 3 Little Monkeys, to find out what she likes most about the Downs and surrounds.

What do you like most about the Downs region? 

The diversity — the people and their cultures, showcasing their food, arts, entertainment.  Within 10 minutes drive in any direction from Toowoomba you can appreciate the beauty of the region even with its drought, bushfires and floods. This region seems to bounce back to its natural beauty with the help of the community.  Having travelled much in my earlier life, I always love coming home to Toowoomba and the Darling Downs Region, we have everything we want and need on our doorstep.

Who inspires you?   

Anyone who has had their life challenged, mentally or physically, and is still able to continue on. Their attitude of, “Okay this has happened to me but I am not going to let it stop me from living my life.” They pick themselves up and keep going. .  I have experienced this more and more with my contact with people through the Blush Cancer Care Group and Breast Cancer survivors, their strength inspires me.  I have also experienced life challenges with a number of fellow business owners who had to close their shops and their strength to make that decision, some continue on to make ends meet through persistence and creativity on a week to week basis because they believe in what they are doing, their passion inspires me.

Favourite foodie haunt in the Downs region?

So many to choose from, but you did say favourite — Sofra’s Turkish Cuisine. They deserve their many awards for the outstanding quality of their food Another is Rosalie House, visited once and it was very memorable, cannot wait to visit again and again. 

This Autumn, I will be spending more time… 

Sharing good times with family and friends, visiting wonderful cafes and pubs for a drink and meal. I love gardening and am looking forward to preparing for the coming year especially after the beautiful rain. Music for relaxation, looking forward to going to some of the wonderful live performances at the Empire Theatre.

The best way to unwind after a busy week?

Sitting back with a good wine, watching a movie that makes you forget everything in life, sharing precious time with my husband and family.

Ultimate holiday destination? 

So many places, so little time… Italy, I think, especially Tuscany and the Vatican, experience the arts and food culture. Second choice would be Canada and travelling through the Rockies by train. Third choice, and this is a joint favourite with my husband, a train trip on the Orient Express. Love dreaming big.