Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) will return the Empire Theatre on Friday 28 September to perform some of Hollywood’s finest soundtracks in a concert for all ages in Films and Flowers.

Films and Flowers will win over music and movie lovers alike, as the orchestral performance takes on iconic soundtracks in films, modern and old, from Harry Potter and Star Wars, to Wallace and Gromit. Savour the dark power and menace of Thunderball with its trumpets, piercing french horns and soul-stirring strings. Be lost in the bittersweet themes of classic La Dolce Vita. Embrace Morricone’s nostalgic score for Cinema Paradiso, which adds depth to every scene. Hold back the tears in Lai’s award-winning Love Story reminds of the film’s tragic tale.

Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s Film and Flowers is part of the Empire Theatre’s Thrive On Arts, a festival celebrating creativity, storytelling and performance. The concert runs at the Empire Theatre from 21 to 30 September, during the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and September school holidays.

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