Toowoomba Regional Council has released the final report of the Bridge Street Quarry Feasibility Study, and can now be viewed by members of the public.

The site was originally used for quarrying operations from the 1870s until 1994. Council acquired freehold title of the site in 2000, and subsequent ideas were conceptualised for the future use of the site as a Quarry Gardens. Mayor Paul Antonio said the study identified a number of opportunities for the site and recommended a three-stage development process.“We are now in the process of establishing a Bridge Street Quarry Development Working Group to investigate and recommend governance and management arrangements for further consideration by Council,” Mayor Antonio said. “Ideally, we would love to start work on this project but the size and cost of the entire development means this will be a long-term project for Council. The site in the present form constitutes a significant public safety hazard and so our immediate priority is to make the site safe in order to realise the future development opportunities.”

The stages will include rehabilitation to provide safe and environmentally sustainable greenspace, and increase connectivity to Jubilee Park, followed by low, community-based development with activity precincts for entry garden and arrival experience, community gardens, children’s play, and engagement with volunteer groups. The final stage includes
moderate development with greater scope for commercial development and more intensive landscaping and public infrastructure, education and arts hub, adventure, activity hub connecting into Jubilee Park with a café and key adventure attraction, high-end eco-resort, restaurant and events venue, rock wall projections and the like to produce a high amenity in keeping with a world-class tourism precinct. The report recommends public investment in the first two stages at an estimated cost of $8.53 million. The third stage looks to attract private investment.

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