The Rangeville State School and CUA Fun Run Colour Day and Community Day took place on Friday 20th April, with its first race kicking off at 1.50pm, featuring Year Five and Six students. The following races took place every 15 minutes after this. The event featured six colour stations for the stuudents to run through.

In their second CUA School Fun Run, Rangeville State School has already raised an incredible $2,286.84 online. All 736 students will be participating to raise funds to replace and update their prep and Year 1 playground equipment which is currently 30 years old. Last year students at Rangeville State School successfully raised over $14,623 in their fundraising efforts and this year’s looks like it is set to raise even more.

School Fundraising encourages schools all around Australia to get student’s bodies moving in an attempt to eliminate the outdated and unhealthy chocolate drives and bake sales. In 2017, the schools involved ran a total of 516,000kms and raised $4.3 million in the process. The fundraising service offers great prizes, as well as a Health Hub with family tips and healthy recipes. With over 700 schools participating each year, CUA School Fun Runs provide schools with the tools needed to create their own fundraising initiatives, whether that be replacing a cross country carnival with the Fun Run or incorporating their own tough mudder course. The online fundraising service is easy and safe, with no products to buy and sell.

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