An exhibition of the work by the distinguished Melbourne artist Rose Nolan is on display at Toowoomba’s RAYGUN gallery.

Sub-titled “The Painted Word,” the wall painting – ENOUGH (2017) – is the third in a five-part series of Paintingontopofitself.

In the showing, Rose explores the expansion of conceptual-based painting from picture frame to the design of space and architecture.

Through the exhibit, Rose uses text and painting to open doors to ideas surrounding history, form, colour, material, scale and concept.

The exhibit also instigates a complex experience that is open to contemplation for both the artist and broader audience.

In her art practice, Rose has investigated the formal and linguistic qualities of words and their relationship to architectural space.

Adopting the language of abstraction and revolutionary aesthetics she, typically, uses a reduced palette of red and white and simple, inexpensive utilitarian materials, to create banners, posters, pamphlets, painting and large scale installations.

With her standing in the art community at a high point, Rose has had two previous exhibitions at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art and Artbank already this year.

The exhibition at RAYGUN was opened on 4 August in a bright and breezy fashion by University of Southern Queensland art lecturer David Akenson and artist Tarn McLean, who curated the showing.

The exhibition and publication are supported by Rose, who is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery.

The display will continue through until the end of August.

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