Dear Julianna,

I have been working in my business as a naturopath for the last 15 years but am just not making it to the level I want to take it to the next level but have lost so much money and know if I should stay or get another job. What do you feel and think? Marcia

Hi Marcia,

I feel that you can make this work but you are suffering with what I call Practitioner Syndrome. Practitioner Syndrome is when a practitioner of any genre decides to turn their passion, love or talent into a career without the strategy to get it off the ground comfortably from word go.

I feel you have to go back to the drawing board and with your experience now and your understandings of what your client base from all the years comes and create a business pan with your core messages of what you do and how you do this.

This can work and work well but you have to be clear about what you do and how and why.

Love, Julianna


Hi Julianna,

I’m 38, with lovely kids and wife, but somehow with the everyday stress and kids, that initial attraction has lost. I know it’s a bad thing, but I cannot help but enjoy the excitement of casually ‘dating’ or ‘meeting’ other women behind her. What is wrong with me? Is this common? What’s the best way to overcome this before my marriage breaks up? Anon

Hi Mate,

It is more common than you think. For you specifically I feel it is about you not having the ‘connection’ with your wife as a woman you used to have pre-children.

Now I am not saying this is your freedom card to do what you will, rather it is about creating time with the two of you as man and woman and not as always husband/wife and mum/dad.  I feel this loss of connection and spontaneity as a male and female is what is the backbone of what you are feeling and it is this you need to work on to keep the outcome – your marriage – safe and alive.

It is for you my friend to be the one to create and liven up your relationship as it is you who is seeking it. What I find interesting in all my years of readings is just how common this is on both the female and male side in a relationship. The key here is to be able not to regenerate what you HAD historically but rather to invest the time in discovering how you both are NOW.

Love, Julianna

Hi Julianna,

My husband and I have gone into business together. He has had his own electrical business for three years and then he asked me to step in six months ago. However, all we do is fight and argue over everything so I don’t know if I should actually stay working with him or not. And can our marriage with stand working together, Katarina

Hi Katarina,

I feel that this will work well together, you just have to sort out what it is that each of you are supposed to be doing in the business so that you don’t overlap with each other. In 2 years you will expand the business to bring on 2 more people. Take a deep breath and just work out who is who in the zoo!!


Dear Julianna,

My husband has cheated on me. I don’t think he would have stopped unless I caught him. Now I feel nothing but contempt and hate for him as I have chosen to stay for the sake of our children (4 & 6) but am only waiting till they grow to an age I can leave. I wont leave now as I am worried about finances and if the woman he cheated on me with is still around, how do I make this work? Anundah

Sweetheart – this cannot work in these conditions. Yes, a rose can grow in the desert but it cannot grow underwater in a flood and this is where you are – drowning in self hate and external hate for your husband’s action.

However the core issue here is this: you are not staying for the children or for the other woman but for yourself, so please let us get clear on this. You are staying because you have chosen to accept a harsh environment (desert) out of fear and yet you will still resent the emotional betrayal – thus the drowning.

If you are really thinking about the children you will think about finding the self honesty – in a terrible betrayal – and get clear about what matters to you and this should be how much you respect and love yourself to do what YOU need to do for YOU in its truest form.

You are bringing the children up surrounded by hatred and frustration and soon this will become part of their psyche and soul.

I am not saying leave the marriage as the marriage is not the issue – it is whether you love yourself enough to go or love yourself enough to forgive so that you can both look at what steps you need to take to get the fractures to heal.

God Bless, Julianna



I feel two people around me and I am sure one is an angel and I’m unsure of the other. What do you feel? Love, Reshni.

Hi Reshni,

You are right, I feel you have a female Angel with the name ‘Amora’ around you. Now she is saying she is here because your Spirit Guide – the other sensation you feel – needs her assistance to help you heal after the breakdown of your marriage. Her function as an Angel is to provide angelic support during this traumatic time in your life and to add calmness and love to your hurt and injured soul.

Now your Spirit Guide is called Mustaffahi – he is a Nubian male and on your 11th level. His function is to guide you through what you are going through and to find the resources you ask for. He is here and saying that you need to make sure you go over every document as you need to make sure you get the equitable outcome in settlement!

So one presence soothes your soul and the other one directs your life flow! Love, Julianna