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What started as a dream to educate young Australians about the life cycle of cotton, thanks to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Ali Bigdeli and Madelon Schouten’s ambition has been realised as a beautifully illustrated, 32-page hardcopy children’s book. Redroo’s Cotton Adventure details the adventures of a young kangaroo and his native Australian friends as they learn about the journey of cotton from seedlings to harvest, discovering “how to make cotton clothes, cotton candy, a cotton bed, and much more.”

When asked for their source of inspiration in endeavouring to write a children’s book about the cotton industry, Bigdeli and Schouten explain that, “Redroo’s Cotton Adventure is a significant initiative to connect knowledge, nature, fun, and friendship through the magic of storytelling – to teach not only to the kids, but also adults, about cotton and its many uses.” Mahsa Hedayati, a professional children’s book illustrator, was employed to bring the colours of the Australian countryside to life, with vibrant colours detailing the comedic depictions of kangaroos in gumboots running across crops of cotton and jumping into the clouds.

In exploring the story of cotton, Redroo’s Cotton Adventure is the first of its kind, priding itself as a children’s book that is not only a beautiful bedtime story to read to your little ones, but instills a curiosity in their minds as to the wonderful abilities of nature and the natural resources which grow abundantly on earth. Currently available for purchase at Goondiwindi Cotton and via Facebook, Bigdeli and Shouten are hoping for Redroo’s Cotton Adventure to be stocked in local bookshops shortly.

Words by Kim Hellberg
Image by Ali Bigdeli and Madelon Shouten