This Year 7 athlete is destined for great things, having already represented The Toowoomba Preparatory School in Queensland Country AFL, Queensland B Rugby League, Darling Downs Rugby and Swimming and Toowoomba Zone Touch.

Schools are enriched by the presence of students like Angus Jakins who has a fun-loving personality and zest for life. The young boarder is very enthusiastic about sport and has many qualities that others around him admire. Before each competition, Angus makes sure his preparation is thorough in order to be at his very best. His hard work, enthusiasm and discipline in training have lead to a number of great results such as Swimming Age Champion and a touch football medal for consistency. He is a valued member of the school’s rugby union, rugby league, touch football and AFL teams and has played in many fixtures at a local and national level. Angus grew up in St George, and was known for being active in sports such as football, tennis, swimming, lawn bowls, golf and cricket. It is no wonder he loves being a part of fitness and team activities. Angus has been attending The Toowoomba Preparatory School for only 15 months but shows excellence in his sportsmanship and a lot of energy in his personality.