Sunrise Way, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service, has announced its Celebrate Resilience Breakfast fundraising event, featuring guest speaker journalist Pip Courtney, will take place on Friday 2 March in Toowoomba.

Sunrise Way CEO Wendy Agar said she is honoured that Courtney has agreed tell her own personal story of resilience to the guests attending the breakfast.

“Of course, most of us know Pip as the host of ABC’s Landline, and for her commitment to telling rural Australia’s stories, but most people may not have heard her own personal story,” said Agar.

“I’d encourage people to come along to the breakfast and listen to Pip’s story, and in doing so help raise much needed funds to support much needed funds to support Sunrise Way.”

For 32 years, Courtney has been working in radio and television news, alongside being a current affairs reporter at the ABC, and has been a host of Landline since 2012. Due to her work, she has received international and national awards.

At the event, a former resident of Sunrise Way will attend as a guest speaker, explaining their experience with life after dealing with addiction.

Agar explained that the purpose behind Sunrise Way is to aid individuals dealing with addiction, helping them develop skills and strategies to live without feeling dependent on addictive substances and maintain sobriety.

“We provide an essential service to the community and are not fully funded, so fundraising activities like this breakfast are an important part of our activities. It’s these initiatives that enable us to help people from our region who have been living with addiction to rebuild their lives,” said Agar.

Sunrise Way is supporting stronger and healthier communities in regional and rural Queensland through helping individuals living with addiction to rebuild their lives.

The centre holds several fundraising initiates throughout the year, which include winning concert tickets, sports tickets, and free dinners.

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