Most RM Williams boots belonging to country folk have trodden the well-worn paths of cattle yards, dirt roads, picnic races, B&S balls and across land far and wide. But one Warwick farmer Jim Wedge plans to give his boots a new lease of life by painting them white all in the name of fashion.

Jim’s wife Jackie, with a group of their friends spearheaded by Jo McKinnon, decided they needed a break from the day-to-day grind of their drought-stricken duties, and bought tickets to an all-white soiree – Diner En Blanc Toowoomba. It will be the first time the Parisian event has ever been staged in an Australian rural community and the first time a pair of RM boots will dazzle in white at the pop-up picnic in Toowoomba on Saturday 20 October.

Jackie said, “Jo started organising us to have meetings about the event, planning our outfits and when I realised we needed to be in white from head to toe I knew it was going to be tough getting Jim into a pair of white shoes. He wouldn’t be seen dead in anything other than RMs. And we didn’t want to travel to the event only to be stopped at the gate because we didn’t meet the dress code.”

She said the brown to white RM boots transformation was Jim’s idea. Armed with a tin of white leather paint, Jackie has transformed Jim’s boots in what’s believed to be RMs first ever all-white pair. The late RM Williams’ daughter-in-law Jo Williams, who runs the 30-year old Mike Williams Country Clothing Store in Toowoomba, said she had never before heard of a pair of the iconic Australian boots being painted white. Her father-in-law made the first pair of handcrafted riding boots in the 1930s. Jo laughed “While he would never have made white boots, I think RM would be chuffed at Jim’s loyalty to the brand, and even more so at his initiative in painting the boots white for the occasion.”

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