As a young man, Rob didn’t have a problem managing his weight but admits he did have some bad lifestyle habits such as smoking and skipping breakfast. A teacher for the last 40 years, Rob now works in pastoral care at a residential college.

Over the last 10 years he noticed he had begun putting on more and more weight, which he attributes to a sedentary lifestyle and a desk job. “My life was sitting at a desk. I wasn’t getting any exercise. I was tired all the time and once I got home, I just wanted to flop into a chair and listen to music or read a book,” says Rob. “Over a long period of time, it just creeps on. I guess you could say it was a bit of laziness as well. I just didn’t have the energy.”

As well as being lethargic, Rob was suffering from a host of weight related health concerns such as high blood pressure and sleep apnea. However it was Rob’s younger sister who gave him the stern talk he needed to do something about his health. “My sister is a very healthy person, and married to a GP. I went home for a visit and she said straight out, we want you to be around for many years to come. You’re killing yourself. My brother-in-law also told me I was on my way to diabetes,” recalls Rob. “Shortly after, I went to see my GP who told me the only way to address my high blood pressure was to lose the weight. He brought up the Wesley LifeShape Clinic’s website then and there and recommended I give them a call.”

Before and after of Rob

Rob felt it was all such a clear wakeup call and knew it was time he got serious about his health. Initially Rob admits to doubting if the program would work for him, but he was spurred on by compliments from others. With the help of the clinic, Rob has lost nearly 40kg and is still seeing so many vast improvements in many areas of this life although admits there were challenges along the way. “I had no physical fitness when I first started. There was the initial challenge of getting up each morning to go for a walk,” admits Rob. “The food available at the college is also a constant temptation. Hot chips are available twice per day. However I don’t feel like I’m missing out, those types of foods just look fatty to me now.”

Now Rob feels so much younger and has a spring in his step. The people closest to him have also noticed the difference. “I feel good about myself. The boys at college also give me plenty of compliments – especially those who’ve been away and come back to visit,” says Rob. When he looks back at photos of himself before starting the program, Rob says it’s hard to believe. When he reflects on his whole journey, Rob concedes his wake up call about his health and pleads from his family are what set him on the right track to healthy living. “This wasn’t just to lose some weight,” states Rob. “This is for the rest of my life.”

via Wesley LifeShape Clinic