As the owner and bra stylist of Arianne Lingerie, Robyn Corrigan has a passion for helping women grow in confidence through body and mind. When she moved from Sydney to Brisbane 15 years ago, she set up her own wholesale agency and to promote Montreal-based brand Arianne Lingerie across half of Australia and New Zealand. Four years on from there, her own boutique store of Arianne Lingerie was born and is now celebrating its 10th year in business.The years of success are attributed to the qualities that Robyn brings to the table such as her energetic spirit in helping women look and feel better, and her skill in knowing exactly what the problem is – amazingly even just as someone walks through the door. “Our customers come first and we found the importance of women wearing the right size bra,” Robyn shares. “The change in body shape when worn, posture, how they feel and the confidence they have when they leave the store.” Robyn’s philosophy for success is, “You live it and breathe it”, as is evident in her vast knowledge of being a bra stylist.

ARIANNE Lingerie
Shop 40, Emporium, 1000 Ann St, Brisbane
(07) 3252 1553