Ten years and 13 series of RocKwiz later Brian Nankervis is still as enthusiastic about the show as ever. Now with a new tour starting on September 30, RocKwiz Live! Salutes the ARIA Hall of Fame is bringing the amazing live show to audiences all over Australia. After producing the 2010 ARIA Hall of Fame awards night Nankervis and the rest of RocKwiz started thinking, “What else can we do with them?” There began what would turn into Rockwiz Live! Salutes The ARIA Hall Of Fame.


Nankervis is one of the co-creators of RocKwiz, and he never imagined it would last as long as it has, “you dream, but the reality is that a lot of pilots don’t get off the ground. And even the ones that do often only make it to one or two seasons.” For RocKwiz it was after their second season that they were offered their first live gig. Initially they were reluctant, but they gave it and try and discovered that the live show format really worked for them.

While Nankervis likes all of the work he does with RocKwiz he loves performing in theatres. A lot of the cast have theatre and performance backgrounds, and Brian says that for them “To be able to cut loose in a beautiful large theatre is amazing.” He is incredibly enthusiastic when he says, “It’s liberating to not have time limits. You get a sense of freedom that allows you to experiment.”


Nankervis is clearly looking forward to the new tour, “It’s a bit bigger, a bit bolder, a bit louder.” The tour provides an opportunity for the RocKwiz crew to fully explore everything people love about the show. It gives them the “ability to play with the form and take it into new areas.”

The tour is arriving at the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba on Sunday, 25 October 2015. Tickets (and other tour dates) are available here

Words by Jessica Brown.

Photos provided by Kristyn Brennan