Mary MacKillop Catholic College Captains Caitlin Lang and Connor McKerrow feel fortunate to be role models for their younger peers.

As the first Year 11 students to forge a pathway for the Senior School, both captains hope to continue to connect with the community and their peers throughout their leadership. They will provide support through student run clubs and other lunchtime activities.

Academically, Caitlin loves Science and recently had the opportunity to attend careers expos from various universities, focusing on the world of STEM. “It’s still early days, but I like the idea of doing something with Medicine or Psychology,” she said. She attributes the College’s strong focus on STEM for inspiring this. Some of Caitlin’s achievements throughout her time at Mary MacKillop include Academic Awards for top of subject and Age Champion for Athletics. Connor has been involved in the Toowoomba Regional Council Youth Leaders Program this year, and proudly aided in the planning and running of the Falling Leaves Youth Music Festival, recently held in Toowoomba. “I love it; everyone in the group is a real quality leader and I’ve been given a great opportunity to help the youth of Toowoomba,” he said.

Moving into Year 11 has been a big step up for the two leaders and their peers. They both feel that their teachers have been preparing and supporting them through this new phase. Caitlin and Connor hope to set a foundation of positive attitudes, beliefs and culture for the growing College.